Latest update: August 15th


Hope you guys have all had a great week! Because of all the cancellations we only have enough time to play all of the round 2 league catchup games. Unfortunately council has not given us extra time for the end of season knock-out matches.

19th Aug
– All games scheduled as per draw.
– Blockhouse Bay vs Labasa and Our Fathers vs Green Bay – will be double up CFA cup quarter final games (best of 5 penalties if league game ends in draw)

26th Aug
– Premier League catch up games from 8 July
– First division catch up games from 8 July
– Second division scheduled games as per draw for 26 Aug

2nd Sept
– 2x SHORTENED (60mins) Premier League catch up games from 22 July and 29 July
– 2x SHORTENED (60mins) First division catch up games from 22 July, and 2x catch up games from 15 July, and 1x catch up from 29 July.
– 2x SHORTENED (60mins) Second division catch up games from 15 July and 22 July

2nd September will also see the Prize giving following last game, we hope you can all stay around

CFA Cup Semi-finals and Final to be arranged post season at a night venue – possibly on a Friday night on an artificial turf, ideally we will be aiming to play both semi finals and the finals on one night in September. We will confirm this asap.


Prayer & Healing Tent – We want testimonies! – message from Andy Scarr (Chairman)

I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you guys on a successful round 1 and first stages of the CFA cup for 2017. What a great year! and we have another round ahead of us and the rest of the quarter finals, semis and finals of the CFA cup to complete this half of the year. (quarter final results live on website now)

You may not have seen me around or meet myself yet, but feel free to come up and chat to me any time, I’m apart of the Encounter Bulldogs team or just email me if you want to chat about anything .

My faith is in Christ, as our healer and saviour. I believe in what Jesus did 2000 years ago with his miracles he was involved with and what he did on the cross to bring us salvation. We want to hear from ANYONE that has a testimony about what Jesus has done in their life this year in the NZCFA. Whether one of the prayer team have prayed for you or a friend and got healed or a friend or yourself came to know Jesus.

Please share your story with us, we are a soccer league but ultimately we are serving to see peoples lives transformed and renewed.

Email any stories to myself or


All the best for Round 2,

Regards, Andy Scarr (Chairman)