Mission & Objectives


The mission of the NZCFA is to be a medium that facilitates churches to fellowship and share the gospel of Jesus Christ through sport.


  1. Allow people to enjoy socialising within a Christian atmosphere
  2. Cultivate an atmosphere and culture that enables churches to witness to non-christian team mates
  3. Deliver the gospel message in a relevant way through NZCFA committee initiatives
  4. Provide a competitive environment within a Christian sphere of influence that will enable sporting participants to achieve their optimum individual and Team performance potential
  5. Recognise and reward players that have outstanding attitude and ability
  6. Enable people with Sunday Church & family commitments to engage in organised sport on other days
  7. Keep participation within the financial reach of all people
  8. Work closely with other sports ministries to develop synergies at a national and international level
  9. Strive for excellence in the organisation and operation of the NZCFA that entices churches to embrace NZCFA initiatives.